Don Foster's Dive
Don Fosters Dive
Don Fosters Dive
Don Fosters Dive
Don Fosters Dive
Don Fosters Dive
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Boat Diving allows access too many dive sites that are not within reach from the shore.

 The Cayman Islands has 365 established dive sites under a permanent Public Mooring System. All sites are located within the Marine Park Area

 There is a great variety of wall dives and shallow dives. The access to the sites depends on the weather at different times of the year. Boat rides are anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Since we are located over the protected waters of the West side of Grand Cayman, our boats have quick and easy access to dive sites located between the South West Point and the North West Point (or about 8 miles of dive sites!)

Weather permitting, we occasionally dive the North Wall too.

 On our daily Two Tank dives, we depart at 9 am. Our first dive is usually a wall dive with a maximum depth of 100 feet. After a surface time (normally 30 minutes), our second dive is one of the shallower reefs at a depth of 50 to 60 feet.

Our profiles are for “computer dives” allowing about 40 minutes on the first dive and about 50 minutes for the second dive (air consumption permitting).

 The One Tank Dive, departs at 2 pm. A shallow dive with longer bottom time, allows those novice divers to experience boat diving logistics, photographers to concentrate in one area and “Discover Scuba Divers” to do a boat dive under the supervision of a Dive Instructor.

 We offer guided dives in every dive, however those divers who prefer  “buddy team do their own” are welcome to do so as long they let the crew know and follow all the buddy procedures accepted by certifying agencies. Sorry, we do not allow “Solo Diving”

 For details of our fleet of boats please check the “About Us” section on this website.