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At the moment we are not providing these courses. Please check the IYT website for alternative facilities. Thanks.    Watch Video*

 Thank you for your interest in our IYT certifications.                        

 We offer a range of programs designed for recreational boaters, professional yachtsman and the working dive professional.                

 IYT certifications are internationally recognized with both  MCA* and ICC** endorsements available. (*Maritime and Coastguard Agency) (**International Certificate of Competency)

 For the professional yachtsman or recreational boater we currently offer the

  • VHF Radio operator
  • General Engineering Course
  • Small Powerboat / RIB Master (ICC-10m coastal)
  • Powerboat Master   (ICC-24m coastal)

 These programs are designed to provide the professional or average boater with the skills, knowledge and required international credentials to operate a boat safely, responsibly and within local laws and regulations around the world.              

 For the dive professional, IYT is working closely with PADI and have developed the Diveboat Mate and Diveboat Coxswain certifications, encompassing internationally recognized boating credentials with dive industry specific training.  This provides you with the skills and knowledge required to work on boats safely and responsibly with specific attention to diving situations including; diver support station, diver / snorkeler supervision, diver / snorkler rescue, missing diver and drift diver pickup. It is also an invaluable tool in gaining employment, both expanding your capabilities and adding to you resume.            

 We also offer the Diveboat Coxswain for Experienced Operators program. This is designed for the experienced dive professional, that has been active in the dive industry for an extended period of time and has gained extensive knowledge and skills working on dive boats, without the opportunity to gain official maritime credentials.  





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Small Powerboat Training       

Course Duration
2 Days

Topics Covered
Boat Handling under power, Safety Equipment, Nautical Terminology, Rules of The Road, Responding to Emergencies, Local Etiquette, Rules and Regulations.

Getting Started
Contact us online or by phone to confirm the next scheduled start date and current pricing. Next, sign up for the IYT e-learning online and complete before day 1.

Day 1
Theory session used to review and build upon the topics covered with the e-learning. Theory Exam administered at the end of the day, along with a short practical orientation to the training vessel.

Day 2
Used for practical training and examination. Time & location to be scheduled on day 1.                                                                      AM - Practical Training (if required).                                                  PM - Individual Candidate exams (approx1hr per person)

Credentials Earned
IYT Small Powerboat/RIB Master with an                                     **ICC-10m Powerboat Coastal endorsement. (**International Certificate of Competency)