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Don Fosters Dive
Don Fosters Dive

Our Boats

We operate a fleet of six boats, all of which are spaciously designed with our customers in mind, allowing for easy entry to and exit from the water whilst providing plenty of room onboard.

Our current fleet includes two sleek V-hull dive boats, three custom built flat-top snorkel boats and a twin-deck catamaran available for specialized snorkel trips and exclusive private charters.

All of our boats have fresh water showers and ample dry storage for your belongings. We provide complimentary iced drinking water and ice chest facilities, to keep your personal refreshments cold. Our dive boats have fresh water rinse facilities for dive electronics, cameras, computers, dive lights etc.

  • Cayman Sky - 48ft/15m twin screw, V-hull - max. 24 divers
  • Cayman Wall - 40ft/12m single screw, V-hull - max. 16 divers
  • Cayman Sun - 54ft/17m twin screw, flat-top - snorkel boat
  • Cayman Star - 55ft/16m twin screw, flat-top - snorkel boat
  • Skin Diver - 59ft/18m twin screw, flat-top - snorkel boat
  • Emerald Eyes - 65ft/20m twin screw, twin deck catamaran


Our boats are fully equipped with emergency O2, first aid kits, back boards, VHF radios, cell phones and life jackets, and are regularly inspected by Cayman Islands Port Authority and Marine Surveyor.







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